# Server Name Hostname Location Type Remaining
1 SSH CA 01 ca01.sshocean.net Canada ssh FULL
2 SSH DE 01 de01.sshocean.net Germany ssh FULL
3 SSH DE 02 de02.sshocean.net Germany ssh 2 accounts
4 SSH FR 01 fr01.sshocean.net France ssh FULL
5 SSH FR 02 fr02.sshocean.net France ssh FULL
6 SSH FR 03 fr03.sshocean.net France ssh FULL
7 SSH JP 01 jp03.sshocean.net Jepang ssh 25 accounts
8 SSH RU 01 ru03.sshocean.net Rusia ssh 25 accounts
9 SSH SG 01 sg01.sshocean.net Singapore ssh FULL
10 SSH SG 02 sg02.sshocean.net Singapore ssh FULL
11 SSH SG 03 sg03.sshocean.net Singapore ssh FULL
12 SSH SG 04 sg04.sshocean.net Singapore ssh FULL
13 SSH UK 01 uk01.sshocean.net United Kingdom ssh FULL
14 SSH US 01 us01.sshocean.net America ssh FULL

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